Workplace Consultancy and Our Process.

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With the changes to our working life comes many challenges for businesses and sometimes it’s good to just talk!

But you need to talk to somebody who knows both the commercial aspects of the workplace and well as the relationship with a productive and engaged workforce.

We are asked to help with:

Hybrid and Agile Working “ Strategic, Plans, Implementation
Change Management: Embedding and Growing Behaviours
Company Vision, Values and Culture.
Productivity and Wellbeing
Technology and Tools
Workspace and real estate
Personality and Design
Facilitating Workshops and Recalibration Conversations

Sometimes the outcome of our workplace consultancy might be you don’t need fixed offices at all.

We also have relationships with serviced offices in all our local counties, which allows you to have ‘Hybrid” workplaces. Flexible Spaces that are used for some Clients that have found they are ‘Virtual First Businesses”. Check out our Serviced Offices!

Our secret sauce is our way of working.

1. Workshop Senior Level

Preparation and Briefing establish the project objectives and business case. Site Visit and Client Meetings – Site Surveys technical information.
(Begin Design Team selection, establish roles and responsibilities)

2. Design/Workplace Change Management

Feasibility Study – Sketch Layouts for block planning, Mood Images for new ways of working. Workshops 2 days.
(Confirm brief in detail and produce clients’ preferred design principles – establish budget constraints)

3. Design

Space Planning – Suggested Layouts and departmental positions. Budget documents, mood boards and developed design principles.
(Agree final drawing layouts, office layouts including, meeting rooms, drop in zones and future ways of working principles)

4. Tender

Produce Tender Package for contacting works, M&E surveys, Local Authority approvals potential planning implications.
(This pre-tender stage would be budgeted first by our contracts team)

5. Construction

Issue of Pre-Construction Phased Plans – Arrive on site to carry out works – Project Manager appointed for duration of project.

6. Furniture, Fixture & Fitting

Arrival on site and installation of furniture, fixtures and any other equipment.

7. Handover & Move

Appointed move manager– issue of crates and move guidelines.


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