Professionally Designed Offices and Workspaces

Developed design process is the point at which the colours, finishes, materials and fabrics will come together with a theme that flows through the space.

It is the point at which, architecturally speaking, it has been conceived by professionally trained designers and it shouts – professionally designed workspace.

From our experience we have learnt that the use of CGI is not always the right way to do things. We use qualified architectural designers on our projects who are super skilled in interpreting the brief and ensuring our installations have that ‘Impact’ finish giving your business the wow factor you deserve.


Mood boards

Our design teams still use the traditional method of creating a collage of materials, fabrics and a tactile experience in suggesting their palette choices for your project.


Visuals Sketches

Design Ideas flow through artists impressions in a much more conceptual way, this helps our clients begin to understand the direction of the designers thought process.
If changes are requested they can use this fluid method to arrive at an agreed finish very quickly.