An increasing number of companies are starting to think about how the space in which their workforce operate can have a significant impact on the success of their business and the type of staff they attract.

Whilst there has been an increase in the hours an average employee spends at work*, there has also been a heightened awareness of the impact of stress upon our well-being and companies have been quick to show that they are taking positive steps to provide a healthier working environment for their staff.

Until recently workplaces were simply where employees had to be, but now the focus has shifted to how they can become an inviting – or even fun – place where staff are happy to be. Here are some of the design trends making an appearance throughout 21st century offices.

Collision vs. Contemplation

The late 20th century trend for open office spaces continues with Google inspiring others to follow suit with a workplace that promotes “casual collision” between its employees as a way to boost creativity and collaboration. However, some companies have become aware that this does not suit every personality, with some staff preferring privacy and a quiet place in which to concentrate. Therefore, some offices have included libraries, cafes or quiet areas where plants, artwork or a simple no-talking rule add to a sense of calm and focus.

Home From Home

We spend one third of our lives at work** and without proper breaks, long days can become unproductive. In order to encourage relaxation and offer space for staff to integrate away from meeting rooms, businesses are providing breakout areas that are quite literally for fun and games. Bean bags, mini-bars, ping-pong tables and retro computer games are some of the features of these spaces which offer a more homely environment for staff to chill out in, enabling them to return to work feeling mentally refreshed.

Industrial Chic

From exposed pipes to brick walls to reclaimed materials, this trend, with its nod to the industrial revolution has continued well into 2018. One reason may be for the inspiring spaces that this style can create with a back-tobasics look that gives your office a no-nonsense, simple aesthetic. Another plus to choosing this design is the opportunity for an eco-friendly workplace where recycled goods, raw materials and refurbished furniture can help your company with its green credentials as well as providing a modern, humble and practical space from which to grow your business.

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