As business needs continue to change, styles of communication increasingly vary and UK offices become more digitally focused, companies have found that they need offices and working practices which are more conducive to their business objectives and the needs of their employees individual requirements.

Agile working is a phrase that is reverberating across businesses and studies have shown that it is fast proving to be a profitable solution to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Agility ultimately offers employees greater flexibility in where and how they work but begins with leaders examining their business objectives as well as the changes which could inspire a more engaged workforce. In a study produced for the Agile Future Forum, new business productivity increased at Black Horse Finance by 10% through the introduction of agile working practices and colleague engagement rose by 7%.*

Throughout the twentieth century there was very little difference between office spaces across the landscape of varied industries. The simple rows of desks in dull offices were the norm. But in the analysis of agile working, the office environment has been identified as a key component which can significantly affect the way in which an employee feels about their work. Thus, there is potential to improve productivity and profitability by creating a workplace which is tailored to the business and its employees.

Companies are now choosing hybrid offices which allow staff to select a workplace that is best suited to the task at hand. These spaces can include communal rooms, private offices, cubical banks and sound-proof rooms. As well as considering the space, colours, and style of the office furniture, the aesthetic considerations when embracing agile working can also help to create a clear identity; thereby expressing the brand and personality of the business to clients and helping to attract the right employees.

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